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Traveling the world can be incredible and a once in a lifetime adventure. Every country and city around the world will offer different experiences, some more appealing than others depending on what you love to do. If you have a passion for trying new foods and are a “foodie”, then there are must-go destinations to travel to:

Mendoza, Argentina

For wine lovers, Mendoza is an incredible destination for trying new wines. Beyond that, it’s also the best place to try new and delicious dishes. Many of the best wineries in Argentina and in Mendoza and offer multi-course wine lunches that are sure to impress. The best wineries for wine and lunch are Bodega Ruca Malen and Andeluna Cellars. Take a sip of your favorite wines and savory munchies for the ultimate food vacation.

Tuscany, Italy

Carb enthusiasts will rejoice in the ultimate destination for pasta, delicious bread, and incredible wines. Italy is a country known for its exquisite foods and Tuscany is the perfect destination to get a taste. Explore the vineyards, wineries, streets, and decadent restaurants to get the full delicious adventure.  

Copenhagen, Denmark

Not many people know that Denmark is a fantastic destination for amazing foods. Foodies will love the selection of new dishes to try in Copenhagen. Copenhagen is home to the world-famous restaurant Noma which offers a modern menu. Across the city, foodies will discover foods such as rød pølse (red sausage), smørrebrød (an open-faced sandwich), and falafel. 

London, England

Authentic fish and chips is just the tip of the tasty iceberg in London, Egland. They have an abundance of traditional English foods and famous restaurants to try. The best dishes every foodie should try are scones, crumpets, black pudding, toad in the hole, and finish it all off with evening tea. 

Tokyo, Japan

Another fantastic destination to try authentic foods is Tokyo Japan. Cuisines such as amazing sushi and outstanding fish markets found all throughout the streets on the incredible city. This is the best vacation for foodies to new and different types of foods. Those who are willing to explore tastes and unique dishes will love traveling to Tokyo.