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Whether traveling alone or with friends and family, visiting different regions during the spring months is a great way to experience new cultures and appreciate the changing seasons. As the weather begins to warm up and the risk of snow and ice becomes scarce, your options for seasonal travel open up. Below are a few options to consider when planning your spring vacation.


The Greek Islands

As one of the more popular options for a spring vacation this year, the Greek islands provide an ample amount of opportunities for fun and relaxation. From wineries and private yacht tours in Santorini to the small, charming atmosphere of Mykonos Islands, the islands of Greece are ideal for those looking for an island vacation with rich culture, delicious food, and unique features like the red sand beach of Akrotiri will do well to consider the Greek islands for their spring vacation.


New Zealand

While the northern hemisphere experiences spring, New Zealand has its autumn, which is one of the best times to visit the island nation. Individuals who enjoy outdoor activities will especially find this trip enjoyable, and the season presents affordable rates for hotels, transportation, and things to do.


Dominica, Caribbean

Family vacations can be difficult to plan, but the island of Dominica in the Caribbean offers a number of great opportunities for a spring vacation. There are plenty of things to do on this volcanic island; from rainforest hikes to beachside relaxation, Dominica is great for families who like to explore and enjoy some time away from home.



For those looking to experience Africa in spring, traveling to Morocco may provide a unique trip that is actually more affordable during this season. Visiting markets and camping in the Moroccan desert are made more enjoyable during the spring thanks to the mild, dry weather that is common. However, it is important to note that, because Ramadan is celebrated during this time, some places may be closed because of the religious holiday.


Costa Rica

While spring brings in more rain for Costa Rica, the season welcomes in lush landscapes that appeal to some travellers. Between mid-April and early June, travellers will likely be able to find deals on accommodations as well as airfare. For those looking for adventure or a unique beach vacation this spring, Costa Rica provides it all.