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Whether you collect unique souvenirs when you travel or simply have accumulated a number of ticket stubs and photographs over the years, there are better methods of preserving these memories than letting them sit in a box somewhere. If you find that you have time on your hands and want to reminisce about your previous travels, you may also decide that you want to display your mementos in a more appropriate way.


Make Use of Photos

Most travelers end up taking a number of photographs while they are traveling. These may be selfies, landscape shots, or group pictures. Whatever the subject of the photographs, travelers may want to sort through the ones they have and put them on display. Framing the photographs is always an option, but alternative methods may include turning a large collection of photographs into an accent wall or turning select photos into canvas prints to display. You could also turn your photos into coasters or make collages.


Display Unique Collections

Some tourists opt for odd things to bring home. These can include stamps, rocks, coins, maps, and more. Depending on the nature of the collection, how you choose to display them will vary. Paper items can be traditionally framed, and you could also place them under the glass top of a coffee table or end table for a unique piece of furniture with a personal touch. Heavier items like rocks and coins could be displayed in glass jars or on small shelves. Organizing them by location or date can help showcase the timeline of your travels.


Travel Boxes

If you aren’t looking to add decor to your home, you may instead consider creating travel boxes. Separating mementos by location or trip will help keep the memories organized physically and in your mind. The exterior of the boxes can be simple or intricate depending on your preferences; you can even include items like tickets or photographs on the outsides of the boxes. Including the location names and trip dates on the exteriors will help keep your organized, and these boxes will look nice on a bookshelf or as a centerpiece.