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As summer slowly comes to a close and autumn draws near, it’s time to start planning for a vacation. Although the summer months have a reputation for the best vacation time, winter can also be an amazing time to travel. While it may be cold in some places around the world, it could be all sunshine somewhere else. Check out the best travel destinations in winter:


Many people have Italy high on their travel list and rightfully so. Italy is one of the most beautiful countries and is rich in culture. Rome, Italy is known as the Eternal City and is quite beautiful in the wintertime. For those who don’t mind a little cold weather, winter is the perfect season to visit Rome. Without the crowds of tourists and other travels the summer months bring, you’ll truly be able to enjoy sights such as the Roman Forum, the Spanish Steps, and the Colosseum. 

St. Lucia

For those looking to escape the cold and a romantic getaway, St. Lucia is the perfect destination. During our winter months, St. Lucia is very warm during that time of year. Picture clear skies and highs in the 80s. Although traveling to ST. Lucia during the winter can be a bit more expensive than other destinations, it is well worth it to see the warm sandy beaches and breathtaking views.

The Florida Keys

If you’re looking for a destination a little more affordable and closer to home, the Florida Keys is perfect. These tropical islands are connected by US Highway 1 that stretch about 120 miles off Florida’s southern tip. Key West is a popular destination featuring beautiful beaches, lovely sunsets, art galleries, and water sports. This is a great getaway for everyone to enjoy and a very affordable vacation idea.


This destination is not as close to home, but the perfect vacation for anyone looking to enjoy winter sports. Whistler, Canada is the go-to destination for epic skiing and snowboarding. This vacation spot is definitely not short of snow-capped mountains, powdering snow, sparkling lakes and gushing waterfalls, and renowned restaurants. Head to Whistler Blackcomb to experience a true winter wonderland.